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I grew up in Beverly, MA where my family owned a wholesale food distribution business. I am no stranger to hard work; I remember in middle school when my dad would pick me up in his delivery truck so I could help him do deliveries after school. After graduating high school, I attended Montana State University where I earned a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in applied economics. After finishing my Master’s program, I started working at CBRE as real estate economist. It was an interesting time to start working as an economist in the real estate industry because it was 2008, and the “Great Recession”, a recession started by the collapse of the real estate industry, had just begun. After leaving CBRE I worked for several well-known commercial real estate firms and one real estate forecasting start up, before landing my most recent position as Head of Research at Bridge Industrial where I worked until January 2022. Currently, I am self-employed as I have started a real estate consulting and development firm here in northern NH.

An avid outdoorsman, I grew up skiing and hiking the White Mountains. In 2016, I purchased my current residence and have been integrating myself into the community and getting to know my neighbors. I love the pace of life here in the north country. I truly enjoy how easy it is to grab my dog (Lava) and walk to some trails for a morning walk before work. I am so grateful for how easy it is to get outdoors here. I frequently take a quick hike up Mt Agassiz for an afternoon break, a few runs at Cannon in the winter before work, or a nice swim in a local swimming hole on a hot summer day are just a few of the things which make living up here so special.

Motivation to Run for Office

Honestly, I have always been interested in politics, but never seriously thought about running for an office until now. Like many of us I am concerned about the state of our country and the direction we are headed. It seems like we are living in two different Americas, and those two different Americas are struggling to coexist. Issues matter, but to solve the problems of today, we need to be able to work with other AMERICANS and GRANITE STATERS with whom we may disagree. Politics is not a sport where individuals pick their team and loyally cheer them on. Rather, politics is a necessary component of living in and organizing a society. And, for that to work, we need to be willing to work with people who may have different views. It is an essential component of a cooperative and successful working society.


I think politics needs to start moving towards a more civil place. I am proud to be viewed as an honest individual with a solid moral compass. I believe more people who are honest and open minded need to be involved in political positions to help get our state and country back to a place where people can trust politics again. I promise to be one of those people, and I hope you will support me on November 8th.

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